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Project Management

The project development is followed, in the case of a positive decision by the customer, by the project implementation, within whose framework W.T.T. Ltd. is responsible for the figures and statements generated by the preliminary studies. This covers the entire scope, from the basic evaluation to the invitation to bid and from the award of contract to construction supervision and documentation.

The project management thereby revolves around the variables::

  • time: project duration and schedules
  • costs
  • contents, scope and quality of the project results

These three variables often compete against one another for the goals. Our foresighted planning and organisation of the overall project always keeps these three variables in view and ensures that the stakeholder’s specifications are adhered to for each of these important pillars.

To ensure this, particular attention is given to:

  • the proper definition of the limits and goals of the project together with the client,
  • the development of project plans and their periodic checking,
    • the process-orientated structuring of projects and
    • the project-specific formulation of the project organisation and project culture, which is of particular importance in the case of international projects.
  • Project Management - Wood Technologies
  • Project Management - Wood Technologies