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Operational management

Following the successful implementation of the project we are always on hand to assist our customers in the planning and optimisation of operations as well as engineering within the scope of recurring maintenance activities.

The number of personnel at power plants is nowadays adapted to the running operation of the plant. Capacity bottlenecks due to maintenance or structural alterations can be bridged by the plant’s own personnel only in exceptional cases. Depending on the tasks, support can be given within the framework of a contract for work and labour or by the leasing of personnel. Through our support we offer our customers a smooth and safe operational process and high plant availability and in this way we make a considerable contribution to its economic success.

In practice it has proven to be the case that the operational management of the plants that we have realised leads to an enormous feedback of information about errors and possible improvement potential, which is always taken into account in the project development and installation planning of new projects and ensures a user-friendly and cost-optimised operational management later on.

If desired the user’s team from a new plant is trained in advance in one of the plants that we have realised and is already in operation, so that the start-up phase of the new plant proceeds as efficiently as possible.


  • Operational management - Wood Technologies
  • Operational management - Wood Technologies