Wood Trading & Technologies

SIAT Braun

(France / Urmatt)

Planning and project supervision of the extension to the existing sawmill site of the SIAT BRAUN company, including:

  • a wood-fired cogeneration unit
  • a wood pellet production plant

SIAT BRAUN sawmill, located in Urmatt / Alsace, processes around 600,000 m³ softwood per year, making it the largest sawmill in France.  The company, which has been family-run since 1818, employs a total of 280 people.

This project for the production of electricity using biomass links a cogeneration plant with a production plant for wood pellets with an annual capacity of 65,000 tonnes. Almost the entire residual heat from the combined heat and power plant is used, on the one hand for the drying of the sawdust to be pressed and on the other for the drying of the sawmill products.  In order to ensure maximum sustainable profitability, the project was designed for complete fuel autonomy as well as raw material autonomy.

W.T.T. was commissioned with the planning of the site extension, as well as with the project supervision during the phases of the invitation to bid, the building execution and the commissioning.  The plant was successfully commissioned in autumn 2012.

Key figures

Cogeneration plant  
Installed thermal power 23 MWth
Installed electrical power 4.8 MWel
Wood pellets  
Drying capacity 10 tonnes/hour (water evaporation)
Pellet production capacity 65,000 tonnes/year
Pellet storage capacity 2 x 5,000 tonnes
Bagging capacity 1,600 bags/hour



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  • SIAT Braun - References
  • SIAT Braun - References
  • SIAT Braun - References