Wood Trading & Technologies

IBV&Cie - extension I

IBV & Cie s.a.
(Belgium / Vielsalm-Burtonville)

Planning and execution of the extension to the existing IBV&Cie sawmill site, in particular :

  • a planing mill
  • drying chambers for sawmill products
  • a natural wood-fired cogeneration unit
  • a wood pellet production unit

The background to the expansion and the move into the energy sector was the desire to diversify on both a horizontal and vertical level. The improvement in the value creation of the sawmill products as well as the planing plant enabled the expansion of the sales markets; the use of the sawmill’s own residual products for energy production enabled the optimisation of the power costs as well as the entrance into the energy sector through the production of electricity and wood pellets.

IBV&Cie decided on the energetic use of low-quality timber by-products as the raw material for a cogeneration unit. This generates electricity by means of hot water as well as thermal energy. The high-quality timber by-products, in this case sawdust and wood chips, are used in a pellet production unit. The energy from the cogeneration unit allows this to be done at the lowest possible costs and thus represents an integral concept at the level of the energy and material cycles.

The project was started in 2006 and realised within 2 years. The cogeneration unit was commissioned in April 2008.


Key figures

Capacity of the planing plant 250,000 m³/year
Wood drying capacity 400,000 m³/year
Cogeneration unit  
Steam production 90 tonnes/hour
Installed electrical power 20 MWel
Used thermal output 54 MWth
Woods pellets  
Production capacity 150,000 tonnes/year
Investment volume 90,000,000 €



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  • IBV&Cie - extension I - References
  • IBV&Cie - extension I - References
  • IBV&Cie - extension I - References
  • IBV&Cie - extension I - References