Wood Trading & Technologies


(France / Sardy-lès-Epiry)

Planning, execution and commissioning of the sawmill/energy site ‘ERSCIA France’ in the Bourgogne. This lies in the intended region of the new wood centre ‘Wood Valley’ in Sardy-Lès-Epiry in the department of Nièvre. The industrial site will combine the following basic units:

  • a sawmill for softwoods
  • drying chambers for sawmill products
  • un storage hall for dryed sawmill products
  • a wood-fired cogeneration unit
  • a wood pellet production unit
  • a loading station for trucks and goods trains

(project in progress)

The ‘ERSCIA France’ project is a model project in the context of renewable energies. This project in Sardy-Lès-Epiry will be able on its own to contribute to a decrease of 5 % in the existing trade deficit in the French wood industry. By means of heat cogeneration on the basis of wood biomass, the plants will supply electricity equivalent to the average consumption of around 25,000 households - half the needs of the departement of Nièvre.  They will also produce 250,000 tonnes of biofuel in the form of pellets/wood granulates, which in turn can be used to replace fossil-fuel or nuclear power.

W.T.T. was commissioned with the planning, execution and commissioning of the entire industrial site. It is important here to mention that the mission similarly includes an output or yield guarantee.


Key figures

Cutting performance 2015 / 2020 300,000 / 500,000 m³/year
Drying capacity of sawmill products 100,000 m³/year
Installed thermal power 53.4 MWth
Installed electrical power 12 MWel
Used thermal power 30 MWth
Thermal power of the flue gas condensation 6 MWth
Pellet production capacity 250,000 tonnes/year
Energetic efficiency ~ 90 %
Investment volume 150,000,000 €
Creation of direct/indirect jobs 126 direct and 285 indirect
Site area, Erscia France 61 hectares
Expected date of commissioning ~ Autumn 2015



  • ERSCIA France - References
  • ERSCIA France - References
  • ERSCIA France - References
  • ERSCIA France - References