Wood Trading & Technologies


Eifel-Energie SA
(Belgium / Butgenbach)

Planning, execution and commissioning of the EIFEL ENERGY site for renewable energies in Butgenbach, situated in the German-speaking Community of Belgium. The site contains the following basic units:

  • a wood-fired cogeneration/incineration plant
  • a production unit for biomass fuel pellets
  • the option to dry barks for the investor group
  • halls and silos for the storage of the biomass
  • a loading station

(project in progress)

The Eifel-Energie project foresees the valorisation of existing biomass resources that are difficult to use from a technical point of view. This project is being realised by the construction of a combined heat and power plant (all wood categories) and a biomass fuel pellet plant. Forest wood chips and grass clippings are mainly used as the basic materials here.

W.T.T. was commissioned with the industrial planning as well as the phases of execution and commissioning of the entire site.

Key figures

Cogeneration plant  
Installed thermal power 75 MWth
Installed electrical power 25 MWel
Used thermal power 26 MWth 
Biomass fuel pellets  
Pellet production capacity 120,000 tonnes/year
Creation of direct jobs 29 people
Investment volume 96,000,000 €
Expected date of commissioning ~ beginning of 2016



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  • Eifel-Energie - References
  • Eifel-Energie - References