Wood Trading & Technologies

Personnel structure

A company stands and falls with the people who are part of it.

This applies in particular to companies which operate in the field of external consulting, which have to adapt themselves to the specific tasks and requirements of their customers and which are at the same time reliant on strong interaction among one another and with one another.

For the smooth handling and realisation of extensive large scale projects we dispose of a multidisciplinary team whose members are experts in the different technologies and services as well as the specific market requirements.

The strength of this multi-project organisation lies in the linking of the different skills in order to develop a seamless concept within our own company that meets the existing corporate requirements of our customers on the one hand and is optimally adapted to the specific market needs on the other.

Our personnel structure is made up of the most diverse disciplines such as law, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, timber engineering and business administration. The project managers for their part bring along professional experience from the branches of the wood industry, research and development, logistics and the engineering and consulting sector.

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