Wood Trading & Technologies


The team from W.T.T. Ltd. has been working successfully for over 10 years in the market of the woodworking and wood processing industry as well as the use of biomass for energy generation.

W.T.T. specialises in the purchase and sale of wood and sawmill products as well as biomasses used in the energy sector (--> WOOD TRADING). A further important line of business is the planning and realisation of industrial sites in the biomass energy sector (--> WOOD TECHNOLOGIES). Last but not least, W.T.T. has many years of know-how in the operational management of biomass sites or sawmills.

Where projects are concerned we concentrate not only on the planning and the building of plants, but also cover the entire range of services from project development to planning and execution to the training of the user’s team. Even after that we are always on hand to assist our customers in the planning and optimisation of operations as well as engineering within the scope of recurring maintenance activities.

The later operational management in particular leads to an enormous feedback of information about errors and possible improvement potential. This sets us apart from the classic engineering consultancies and makes us unique experts. Attention is paid right from the project development and installation planning phases to subsequent operator-friendly and cost-optimised operational management. The know-how and the problems of the projects that have already been realised are openly discussed with the investor and the potential supplier at the beginning of each project in order to arrive at a solution that ensures sufficient flexibility and meets the long-term market requirements. If desired the user’s team from a new plant is trained in advance in one of the plants that we have realised and is already in operation, so that the start-up phase of the new plant proceeds as efficiently as possible.

We consider ourselves to be not only neutral and independent project managers, but also the partners and companions of our customers - far beyond the engineering alone. Among our greatest strengths are the development of business models and
negotiations with banks in the context of funding and the raising of capital as well as the application for subsidies at national and European level

Thanks to our international activities we are familiar with the different subsidy schemes such as ‘CRE’ and ‘obligation d’achat’ in France, ‘EEG’ in Germany, ‘Green Certificate’ in Belgium or ‘Refit’ in Ireland.

Sustainable development means finding a balance between the present-day and future generations. This can work only through the integration of economic, ecological and social goals. We have realised that sustainability is not exclusively an environmental topic and therefore cannot be reduced to ecological questions. In fact it is more a case of using the entire spectrum of economic and social development potentials and of regarding sustainability as an overall concept for optimisation.

In relation to the energy and wood business this means from our point of view the creation of a sustainable material and energy cycle. Since in our branch of industry wood is not only a raw material, but also represents stored solar energy in the form of biomass,  the synergies of both cycles are utilised to the optimum.

Our guiding principle is "Utilising the synergies between material and energy cycle to the optimum."

We consider W.T.T. Ltd. to be a partner-managed medium-sized enterprise with specialist knowledge of the market, with all its upstream and downstream processes and technological know-how, that sets pan-European standards in woodworking and wood processing as well as in biomass as an energy carrier. It is also part of our vision that the member states to the Kyoto Protocol need strong partners from industry and business in order to be able to fulfil their national obligations arising from the Kyoto Protocol under the socially most favourable conditions.

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